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The Society of Our Lady of Egmanton    
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History of the Society of Our Lady of Egmanton

In 1977, a group of people known as the 'Friends of Egmanton Church',
reformed to become the 'Society of Our Lady of Egmanton'
In its objects the Society states that it will:

1. By prayer and Influence maintain and foster the tradition of Christian Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Egmanton.
This is principally carried on through Pilgrimages, a Chronicle Magazine and membership.
2. Help maintain the Shrine of Our Lady of Egmanton. and the Parish Church of Egmanton, in which it is situated, with their financial support.
Financial implications for the Society.
The dedication of the Society reads:

"In thanksgiving to Almighty God for the glorious mystery of the Incarnation of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, His ever virgin mother, Our Lady St Mary, the Society is dedicated to the Glory of God under the invocation of Our Lady of Egmanton".
Work The Society has funded on the Church.

1. To celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the Society, a legilium was presented to the Church. This was dedicated at Mass on 22nd. August 1987, and is still in use today.
2. In 1988 an appeal was launched for 2,000 to restore the butress on the South wall of the chancel. This was successfully raised. The repair was completed, but was considerably cheaper than the estimate. The remains of the money was used to pay for a protective grill on the Comper west window. It was also used to repair gutters, provide the front gates.
3. In the late 1990's the Society helped the P.C.C. to repair the roof of the Church Hall, as it was then called, as the P.C.C. was still responsible for it. A prize draw was held to raise the money for this.
4. A window in the North Chancel wall kept getting broken, and on occasion vandals got into the Church through it. The Society funded a grill, which has stopped this happening.
5. Money is to hand to help fund the repairs to the stonework when this is undertaken.