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The Society of Our Lady of Egmanton    
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Parish History

The Parish of Egmanton has a population of just over 200. Within this small and compact village lies an ancient Church, parts of which date back to Anglo-Saxon times.

The style of the Church is still predominately Medieval, thanks largely to the restoration carried out by Sir Ninian Comper in the late 1890ís. Those who visit the Church on
entering the building will immediately see the fine Rood Screen which, is the work of Comper.
This is not the only characteristic of the Church that makes it a special place to visit.

For it is also a Shrine Church with a long association with Our Lady the Mother of Our Lord.

On the edge of the Parish stands Ladywood, said to be associated with the Church, and believed to be the site of an appearance of Our Lady to a local woman.

This was the start of what has become a long tradition of people making their way to Egmanton on pilgrimage to offer special Prayers at this Holy place.

These visits took place regularly until the Shrine was removed at the time of the Reformation and the Church reverted to being just an ordinary village parish Church, although still under the dedication to St. Mary.

It was only when the Church underwent the restoration by Comper that the Shrine figure was reintroduced and in the early part of the last century the practice of offering Daily Devotions to Our Lady had been restored. It was not until Easter Monday 1929 that the first organised pilgrimage in modern times took place.

From that time onwards the parish has had a special ministry of welcoming visitors from all over the World, who have come to offer their prayers at this Shrine. The Parish works alongside the SOLE seeking to encourage people to come to this Shrine. The Parish is small in numbers and knows that without the work and support of the Society keeping this Holy Place open would be very difficult. We welcome all who want to visit this Church. This can be done as individuals or in groups. Some people turn up whilst touring the area and contact locally a key holder. Others arrange a time for someone to open the Church for them. Either way the Parish seeks to make all welcome.

Private arrangements

If you wish to come to Egmanton you could come with members of your parish please contact the Vicar, Fr Christopher Levy on 01623 860522 or [email protected] to discuss the best way for your pilgrimage to take place. There is a village Hall, which offers toilets and facilities for making drinks. In addition local people can always provide catering at a reasonable cost if you wish to bring a larger group. Either way to book the hall or discuss catering phone Mr Stead on 01777 870 375

Fr. Christopher Levy. Vicar